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Lucinda 200mW 405nm Purple Laser Pointer with Burning Ability


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Quick overview

The Lucinda series are entry-level burning laser pointers(200mW). They are good for starters. If you are an advanced user, you may find our Real 1W-5W handheld burning laser pointers are better options.

Note: this is a violet laser(405nm), the laser beam is not as bright as the Luciana Green Laser Pointers and Lucinda Red Laser Pointers.


This is a 200mW Blue(405nm Violet Purple) Laser Pointer with safety lock. It is able to ignite matches, pop balloons, engrave on plastics, and shoot off firecrackers. It can be powered by two 16340 batteries, or one 18650 battery, or one 16340 battery when shortened. The Laser beam focus is adjustable, and the lens is non-interchangeable. Laser beam distance is greater than 2000m / 1.24 miles. This is not a cat laser, do not play with your cats or dogs.

The Lucinda series are entry-level burning laser pointers(200mW). They are good for starters. If you are a sophisticated user, you may find our 1000mW 2000mW 3000mW 5000mW high power handheld burning laser pointers are better options. They are more powerful, able to burn papers, leaves, leafstalks, stems, wood pieces, etc.

Brand White-label Product
Laser Color Violet Laser
Laser Wavelength 405nm Laser
Laser Class Class 3B Laser IIIb
Laser Power 200mW Laser
Laser Beam Diameter < 2.5 mm
Laser Beam Divergence < 1.5 mRad
Laser Beam Distance > 2000m / 1.24 miles
Laser Lighting Modes Momentary On / Off and Constant On
Duty Cycle Continuous
Interchangeable Lens No, built-in lens
Adjustable Focus Yes, zoomable
IP Rating IP65 Waterproof
Battery Type 1 x 18650 Li-on Rechargeable Battery
Battery Lifetime 30-60 minutes
Body Style Flashlight Laser Pointers
Shell Color Black
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Working Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Storage Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Expected Lifetime 5,000 hours
Weight 108.0g / 3.8oz
Dimensions 16.0 * 2.3cm / 6.3 * 0.9in (H * D)
Warranty One Year
Package List

1 * Violet Laser Pointer

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